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These dramatic Acrylic Clear Candelabra tall centerpieces will add a glowing elegance to your event tables! These candlestick holders are the perfect mix of modern and vintage and come in two different styled heights. The candlestick hurricane covers are available in your choice of acrylic or glass. The Acrylic Hurricane Candle Covers are ONLY to be used with LED candles or FLAMELESS CANDLES. REAL FLAME CANDLES should only be used with the Glass Hurricane Candle Covers.

Styles/ Heights:

8 Stem Candelabra Centerpiece: 2 stem heights of each - 26", 34", 42" 50"
Square Base measurements 10.5" x 10.5"/Acrylic Circle Base "Diameter

10 Stem Candelabra Centerpiece: 2 stem heights of each - 26", 34", 42", 50", 57"(This height includes the 10" Hurricane Candle Cover)
Base measurements: 12" x 12"/Acrylic Circle Base "Diameter

*Your choice of Square Metal Base or Acrylic Circle Base.

*You will have a choice of Acrylic Candle Covers (for use with LED candles only) or Glass Candle Covers (for use with real flame candles). All Hurricane Candle Covers: 10" High x 2" Diameter/Wide

*Each candleholder is 2" in diameter and will only fit tea-lights or 1.5" diameter pillar candles. There is not a slot for taper candles.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary LaFreniere
These are not taper candle holders!!

I see now that the fine print mentions that these do not hold taper candles, but it's very misleading to have photos of a product that isn't yours which all show taper candles and taper candle holders.
What you get is a flat acrylic disc at the top of each one.
The sleeves also appear to be much shorter than 10". I haven't measured them but I leaned a 12" candle in there to see what it looks like and the sleeve only covers about 2/3 of it, looks like much more than 2" protruding. However, the flat disc also takes up some of the space because the sleeve sits a little lower than the disc, so that could be the difference.
Overall, disappointed because I ordered these just in time for an event, and tea lights look much too short and no pillar candles are narrow enough to fit in here.
Photos #3 and 4 shown here are the only ones that show the actual product, if you look closely you can see the discs and see that there is no holder for tapered candles. This is probably why they don't show any candles inside the candelabra in this photo, because candles don't actually work in them.