White Modern Rectangular Wedding Centerpiece Flower Stand

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These beautiful tall White Matte Metal Floral Stands will add an elegant fresh aesthetic for floral designs at your next event! They are made with a baked on color that is not easily scratched. These assemble by tapping corner top and bottom inserts into pole columns; perfect for reuse and quick set up/ tear down. Acrylic tops can be purchased separately here: https://everygoldendetail.com/products/acrylic-plates-for-modern-rectangular-flower-stands

These stands are very sturdy by this spectacular assembly design which allows for heavy weight, we recommend 40 lbs. 

Measurements -

16" High x 8" Deep x 8" Wide
24" High x 10" Deep x 10" Wide
32" High x 11" Deep x 11" Wide
40" High x 12" Deep x 12" Wide
48" High x 12" Deep x 12" Wide

**Current shipping time will arrive to you in 2 1/2 weeks from your order date. Please contact us if you need them sooner, and we can let you know if Express options are available for this item.

Please contact us with any questions at letschat@everygoldendetail.com

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