Iridescent Rainbow Modern Acrylic Abstract Vase

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These vases are beautifully crafted with an iridescent rainbow acrylic that changes color as you walk by or turn the vase! There are two exterior walls that hold a reservoir for water in the middle. These vases double as stunning art pieces if not used with florals. See our other listings for more available styles and colors!

**Please remove the protective clear wrap from both sides of these, so you can see the smooth surface and reflective quality of the product! 

***This is one of our pre-order made to order items that will arrive to you within 15 days. Please inquire about expedited services for additional charge.

Style/Dimensions - 

Rainbow Arch - 9.5" H x 6.5" W
Rainbow Drop - 6" H x 6" W
Rainbow Flower - 6" H x 10" W
Rainbow Round - 6" H x 6" W
Rainbow Wave - 10" H x 6" W

All interior "vase" water reservoirs are approximately two inches less than the height of each bud vase and 2-3" wide.

*We do not accept returns, but will be more than happy to replace any broken or damaged items with photo proof.

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Thank you!

Customer Reviews

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Johnson Stiedemann

perfect for colored pencils

Napoleon Fadel

If you look at a certain angle, then it is slightly rainbow, but in general it looks like a bright blue vase.

Edit -- there is a FILM on the outside that is BLUE, remove and it will be just as expected!!

Simeon Zemlak

Kinda disappointed on how it looked at first... its very opaque and not transparent… NEVERMIND, it is actually clear, I had to peel off the protective layer on the outside! Perfect now...

Rosie Heaney

Lovely colours.

Chaz Volkman

Lovely. A little darker than expected.