Crystal Glass Branch Style Candelabras 27", 36", or 40"

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These table chandeliers are designed to cast a captivating and shimmering glow throughout your space. The multiple crystal facets refract light beautifully, creating a breathtaking display of prismatic colors. It's not just a light source but a work of art that bathes your room in a warm, inviting radiance, perfect for setting the mood and creating a welcoming ambiance. Please purchase dripless/smokeless taper candles for these available here: 

PLEASE NOTE: The 5 Arm 40" Sold only in "minimum orders of 10" and will arrive in 2 months from order date! These will "ship by sea" once production is complete and then be delivered to your door via UPS or Fedex once they arrive at the port. The other styles ship from our California Warehouse. 2 day processing of orders and 5-7 business day delivery!

5 Arm 40" Candelabra for Taper Candles (Please see 1st Picture and last 3 pictures)
***The 5 Branch 40" Candelabra DOES come with hurricane glass
Overall Center Pillar Height: 40" (30.25" without the hurricane glass)
Arm Height: Approximately 34" (Approx. 22" without the hurricane glass)
Hurricane Glass: 12" H x 2.5" Wide/Diameter
Overall Width: 15.25"
Individual Arm Length: 7"
Base : 7" Diameter

Sizes & Measurements for 4 Arm 36" Height Candelabra (Please see 6th Picture)
***The 4 Branch 36" Candelabra DOES come with hurricane glass
QTY: 1 Candelabra / Order
Material: Glass
Overall Height: 36" (includes height of hurricane glass)
Total Holders: 5
Total Chains: 16
Inner Candle Holder Height: 0.75"
Inner Candle Holder Depth: 0.75"
Cylinder Holder Opening: 2.5"
Cylinder Holder Depth or Height: 13.5"
Globe Top Diameter: 3.25"
Base Size: 7" x 7"
Candle Holders are Removable

Sizes & Measurements for 5 Arm 27" Height Candelabra (Please see 2nd Picture)
***The 5 Branch 27" Candelabra DOES NOT come with hurricane glass
Height (Middle) : 23" (no hurricane glass)
Height (Arms) : 27"
Mid Holder : 1st Layer Opening 3"
Inner Opening : 1"
Arm Holder Opening : 1"
Globe Top Diameter: 3.25" Inner
Base : 6.25 x 6.25"
Base Thickness : 0.5"


*We do not accept returns, so please order a sample to make sure this is the item you would like to use at your event. We will be happy to replace any items that arrive broken with picture proof so we can file a claim. 

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