Dripless Taper Candles - 12 Pack

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2020 event and wedding trend! These taper candles are premium handmade candles that come in beautiful vibrant colors. The most important part is that they are DRIPLESS, keeping your tables clean and cloths clear of any wax for reuse. These are also unscented, but since they are manufactured in the same area with our scented candles, the packaging absorbs a fragrant smell. (More detailed information below *)

This listing includes 12 candles of the same color chosen. If you would like to mix the colors and heights for a beautiful gradient design sets of 12 are not required so that we may get creative! If you wish to mix your colors and heights please contact us for a custom listing. We also have all the colors available in the pictures, but not are all available to purchase because we can only list 100 variants. So once again, contact us for other listed colors.

There are various heights available from 6" to 15" high and burn at approximately 1 to 1.5 inches per hour. The Metallic Gold and Silver are only available in the 12" height! Because of their slow burn they are perfect for your event. Be sure to pick the correct length variations for based on your total event time.

*We make both our unscented and scented candles in the same building which is also where our shipping department is located. All of our packing materials are also in this building. Sometimes the air in our factory can get pretty heavy with fragrance which is absorbed by the packing paper, peanuts and cardboard boxes used to ship the candles. The air can get saturated enough that when we go out to dinner on Friday night, the cooks who know us will come out of the kitchen, while we are still in line, to say hi because they could smell us. The best thing to do is take your candles out of the packing materials and discard the packaging, if you still feel there is an odor to them you can wipe them with a damp paper towel but when you light them they will not give off any fragrance.

IF YOU ARE ORDER FOR AN EVENT -- PLEASE CONTACT ME TO CONFIRM IT WILL ARRIVE IN TIME! All listings have a "personalization box" for your event date when checking out. Entering your event date in this box does not guarantee that your item will arrive in time, it helps me understand what the item is for. If your estimated ship by date if after your event date you will need to add express shipping. Otherwise, items are sent in the order received and we will send by estimated ship date.