Bubble Glass Candle Holders/Bud Vases - Retro Orange

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This listing includes a mix of our Retro Orange Bubble Glass Candlestick Holders and Bud Vases. They are just the perfect addition to any space, coming in a variety of colors and styles you can mix and match these with our other listings. These candle holders fit 1" wide candles. If your candle is slightly larger, you can whittle it down a bit and gently place into glass. Please use dripless wax candles since the hot wax will remove color. 

*The material is made from Borosilicate Glass, which is a special kind of glass which incorporates two chemicals in high concentration: boron trioxide and silica. These safe and environmentally-friendly chemicals make borosilicate glass more heat resistant than other forms of glass on the market. They do not contain lead.

**This is one of our pre-order made to order items that will arrive to you within 15 days. Please inquire about expedited services for additional charge.

Style/Dimensions - 
Lace - 10.5" x 3.5" Base
Ball - 7.5" x 3.5" Base
1Ring Long - 11.5" x 3.5" Base
2Ring Long - 10.5" x 3.5" Base
MultiRing Long - 11.5" x 3.5" Base
3Bubble Bud Vase - 6"H x 2.25" Base
4Bubble Bud Vase - 9"H x 2.25" Base
1Tier Round - 5"H x 3.5" Base
1Tier Sharp - 5"H x 3.5" Base
2Tier Round - 6"H x 3.5" Base
2Tier Sharp - 6"H x 3.5" Base (not listed in this color)
Twist - 4.3"H x 5"W
Pedestal Bud Vase - 6"H x 2" Base (2.5" Top)
Champagne Bud Vase - 6" H x 4" Base (not listed here)
Lined Bud Vase - 

*We do not accept returns, but will be more than happy to replace any broken or damaged items with photo proof.

Please contact us with any questions at letschat@everygoldendetail.com

Thank you!


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Rosemarie Heller

Very beautiful!

Reid Mayert

Very pretty! Packaging super secure no risk of breakage, I appreciate that with how shipping is lately. Would recommend and rebuy

Mina Lynch


Abel Dietrich

amaizing, im soo happy with my order, so fast delivery to Germany in just a week!

Clovis Corwin

better than the pics