Acrylic Plates for Modern Rectangular Flower Stands

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These Acrylic Top Plates are for use with the Modern Rectangular Tall Metal Stands. Florists use this plate to hold the bowl of foam and flowers that are placed on top of the stands. These have holes on each corner so florists can secure onto each stand without damaging with adhesives! They will arrive with a brown protective paper that will need to be peeled off before use. Sizes are listed below for each of the individual stands according to the height of each stand. 

Square Sizes for top: Sizes Below: (Sold in different sets of 1,2,4, or 6)

16" High x 8" Deep x 8" Wide - (Use 8" Acrylic Plate)
24" High x 10" Deep x 10" Wide - (Use 10" Acrylic Plate)
32" High x 11" Deep x 11" Wide - (Use 12" Acrylic Plate)
40" High x 12" Deep x 12" Wide - (Use 12" Acrylic Plate)
48" High x 12" Deep x 12" Wide - (Use 12" Acrylic Plate)

Rectangular Sizes for side: (Sold in pairs of 2)

These can be used with above stands turned onto their side, used for decoration or desert stands! Thickness: 3mm. The plates below do not have tie strap holes, so they come with 5x 3M Double sized Tape(17.5"L x 0.39"W) and 1 extra.

12" Long x 9" Wide
16" L x 9" W
24" L x 10" W
32"L x 11" W
39" L x 12" W

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